Friday, August 31, 2012

Playing Catch Up!!

OK, time for me to officially say good bye to Bailey and to introduce Abby.  Time got the best of me once again!

Bailey did not last long - which was no surprise.  He was adopted by a couple who had also adopted a dog from us last year.  The dog they adopted was a few years old and had lived with other dogs and two cats.  Bailey climbed right up into the lap of his prospective new dad and immediately won him over! His mom and dad were so happy to learn that Bailey was the same age as their dog as they were looking for an older cat to join their family.

Sweet little Abby took Bailey's place.  She is a young female that came into the Shelter in May.  When she arrived she was wearing a green flea collar so obviously belonged to someone.  The person who found her had seen her in the yard and began to feed her when she noticed a wound on her neck.  She was brought to the Shelter by animal control and spent some time in our sick bay getting well.  She is good as new and a happy girl!  Abby is very playful and would do fine in a home with dogs, kids and other cats.  She always had a great time playing with the other cats when we set her free in our main cat room!
Playful Abby

Buddy is being picked up tomorrow (Saturday). He will be living with a house full of people and a dog so will not be lacking for attention and affection!

Wait til you see the beauty arriving after Buddy leaves!  Her name is Luscious - which says it all!  She is a longhaired dilute blue cream torti about three and half months old.  She is so soft and luscious!!  She came to the Shelter in mid-July with four others in her litter.  She is definitely fine with other cats and kids but we are not sure about dogs.  If introduced properly she should be fine.  Please give her a little time to settle in an as always approach her slowly until she seems comfortable in her new surroundings.

Please take a look at the September calendar and see if you can cover any of the below available dates:
Sunday, September 9, AM Cleaning
Thursday, September 13, PM Cleaning
Friday, September 14, AM Cleaning
Sunday, September 16, AM Cleaning
Monday, September 17, PM Cleaning 
Friday, September 21, AM Cleaning
Friday, September 28, AM Cleaning 
Wednesday, September 26, PM Adoption Table
(I am waiting on an answer for Friday evenings from Elizabeth!!)

Saturday, September 1 is Dog Day at PetSmart!!  Two dogs will be spending the day with our resident cats!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seven New Furry Faces!!

Sadly, the Z brothers got sick at PetSmart and had to go back to the Shelter.  What a shame!  We are trying to figure out what it is at the store that causes the young cats' eyes to become so inflamed!  Maybe it is that scented litter.  We simply do not know.

Belle had a bit of a hissy fit and bit one of the volunteers.  She has been brought back to the Shelter for a mandatory quarantine time of ten days.  Do not worry about her - she is fine!!

Sentra went home as scheduled.  Her new family is very excited!!'s the new guys...some of you have already met a few of them:

First is Bailey, is a large buff colored male about five years old.   He was dumped on the front yard belonging to one of our staff along with three other cats - all in the same carrier.  Who would do such a thing???  He was even already neutered.  He is a sweetheart!! 

Then we got the kittens...Buddy and Rob.  They are litter mates and are about four months old. They have been living together in a bird cage in the lobby of the Shelter so are accustomed to a lot of activity.  They can be somewhat shy at first so let them settle in.



George and Jerry have been growing up at the Shelter.  They came in July of last year as eight week old kittens and have been living together ever since.  George, the tiger,  is affectionate and outgoing. Jerry, the black cat, is shy and afraid.  We must do all we can to see that George is not adopted and Jerry left behind!  If they are adopted together the fee is merely $35! They are in the big cage...the magical big cage that gets our pairs adopted TOGETHER!



Mitch is a handsome old tomcat!!  He has a big round face and beefy jowls! He is about three years old. He came to the Shelter in May after animal control received a complaint of cats fighting in trash cans.  Um...we do not think Mitch would find with anyone!  He is a love bug!! Look at that face!!!
Glory is a beautiful gray female just over a year old. She is very friendly and loves attention! Isn't she pretty?

Let all the new guys settle in before opening doors, sharing cages and having them all play at once. Watch for signs from those who are ready and those that wish to be have some space.

REMINDER....although litter pans are brought to the Shelter for sanitizing this does not mean you do not need to rinse them out.  Please take them into the back, rinse them out and spray them down with the Mad Dog disinfectant.  Not only is this unsanitary but soiled pans left in the cabinet will make the room smell.  A bad smell is a major turn off to potential adopters!!  If you have any questions about this procedure please call me at the Shelter.

It appears that often times the clean bowls are being shoved toward the back of the cabinet. The cabinets are very deep so it is easy to miss the bowls. 

Let's hope the Seven bring us good luck for adoptions!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Another Great Week!!

Wow!!  It is a tad difficult to keep up with the adoptions this week.  Armando left last Wednesday night and will be living with two Jack Russells and a wonderful family.  A few days after the adoption Armando's new owner felt bad not taking Archie as well.  Initially he was going to come back for Archie but after learning that he had a wonderful application pending he decided to let Archie go to the other home.  He will be leaving tomorrow night.  Archie will also be living with dogs, as well as another cat.

OK...get ready for this...Starburst and Skittles are going home tomorrow night, too!  They will be living with a young family and be the only pets.  There are two children in the house - a one year old and a six year old.  Mom and Dad are in the Coast Guard and moved here from Georgia.  Both have grown up with cats. It was refreshing to hear that they wanted older guys and not kittens.  They totally understand that Skittles is a little nervous and has her own personality.  They realize Starburst will more than likely settle in quickly where Skittles will need time.

And one more...Sentra is leaving on Saturday! She will also be living with two dogs!  All of our cats seem to be going to homes with dogs! Another cat is in the house as well. 

Poor Robby.  After bending over backwards to accommodate a young family interested in him he was brought back in less than 24 hours. There was a dog in the house and Robby was petrified.  More than likely he would have been fine if he had a slow introduction to the new house, the dog, a toddler and mom and dad. It is always a shame when people do not listen and fail to slowly introduce a new pet to the home.  Don't worry...Robby is fine and back with us at the Shelter.  He would have been brought back here from PetSmart anyway for a slight eye infection.  He is a good boy and will be just fine!!

The three Zs arrived at the store on Saturday.  All three are boys and were born on April 22.  They lived in a house with other cats, dogs and kids and wow, can you tell!!  They settled right in at PetSmart and are totally unaffected by the activity around them.  They do not need to be adopted together. However, as always, adopt two cats and the fee is waived on the second adoption.

I hope I haven't forgot anybody!!  With Skittles & Starburst, Archie and Sentra all leaving this week be prepared for more new furry faces!!

There is two openings in the calendar this month listed below.  Please let me know if you can cover:
Saturday, August 11, AM Cleaning
Sunday, August 26, AM Cleaning

A stack of brown paper was brought to the store today, more cat carriers and a stack of clean litter pans.  Also, I was told one of the openings under the cages needs to be covered.  Staci, the general manager was advised of this and said it will be rectified.  Let me know when that happens.