Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally after three weeks we have some adoptions!!  Yippee!!  Josephine went home last night.  She was not scheuled to leave until next week but the family was anxious to get her home and she was picked up early!  After three applications one finally came through for Humphrey.  He was picked up today from the Shelter.  He is going to have a lot of fun playing with his new brother - an English mastiff!
Ruby and Amethyst are doing fine!  Do not worry about them.  Also, we have decided to bring George and Jerry back to the Shelter. They will be picked up tmorrow.   NOW BEFORE YOU ALL GET UPSET...they will be placed in cages in the Shelter in the front room where they will get sunlight and get to watch what is going on outside.  They will be fine!  We brought Leigh back and she has since been adopted.   Remember Piper and Shiloh? They were adopted from the Shelter, too!  Sometimes it takes a shake up in those PetSmart cages to get things moving again.  It is very important that we get cats adopted as there is always another homeless little buddy ready for his or her turn.  We simply can not afford to slow things down any more.  I promise they will be fine!
Below is the six new guys.  Bell, Book, Winston and Sandy II arrived today.  Mr T and Midnight wil be arriving tomorrow. 
Bell, a female, and Book, a male,  are litter mates.  They are about eight months old and came into the Shelter as terrified kittens back in June.  They have come a long way and are very playful but may at first appear a tad shy.  They will warm up when they relax.  It is not necessary that they go together.

Book these two guys you are going to love!!  Meet Mr T and Midnight.  These two need to go home together and will be in the big cage.  They are a couple of big old boys!  They are eight years old and came into the Shelter when their owner died.  We had met their owner on a couple of occasions and she loved these cats!!  They were well taken care of and lived with two dogs and another cat.  The others have been adopted and these two remain.

Mr T
Sandy II is a beautiful calico that spent the hurricane oustide.  She does have a heart murmur however the vet has assured us this should not stop her from having a full kitty cat life.  She is about two and half years old. As you can see she is lovely!  She is an affectionate girl!
Sandy II
One look at this picture says it!  Winston is a laid back guy who loves attention and will spend time in your lap.  He showed up at an outside cat colony where maybe he was dumped or maybe someone just has not calld us to report him missing.  He is about two years old and will be a wonderful companion.
As you all know...give these guys the time they need to settle in.  Do not force anyone out who does not want to come out.  Do not open cages between new guys until you are certain they will be ok.  And please do not worry about George and Jerry!!  You know they are in good hands with us!
There has been an additional form added to the adoption paperwork from PetSmart management.  I will email those who do the adoption table to bring you up to speed on how to handle that.  It concerns vaccination records. 
Update on Glory and Anastasia...they are doing well!!!  Leona spoke with their mom the other day at PetSmart.
Deb and Warren have been covering Sundays for quite awhile but, alas, we will be losing them from February 10 through April 21.  If you have any friends interested in helping now is the time to recruit them!  We need a regular for Wednesday mornings, every other Saturday morning, and Sunday mornings (until April 21).  Below is the days in February that need coverage.  They are all mornings:
Wednesday, February 6
Saturday, February 9
Sunday, February 10
Wednesday, February 13
Friday, February 15
Sunday, February 17
Wednesday, February 20
Saturday, February 23
Sunday, February 24
Wednesday, February 27
Just a reminder...double check please...make sure all cats have access to food, water and a litter box before you leave!!  Also, when we get down to about 15 pieces of paper email the Shelter and Cc me.  It usually takes a few days for us to break some one free to cut paper and get it down to the store.
Stay warm and be careful driving this weekend!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

We had another wonderful year at the Cape May County Animal Shelter!  We would never be able to do what we do if not for the PetSmart store and you gang of volunteers!!  It has been seven years since the store opened and our volunteer program there is still going strong!!  Thanks to each and every one of you for everything you did this past year to support the PetSmart program!

We had two adoptions this past week and some new arrivals.  Lauren went home last weekend with a couple of very excited little girls!  When the girls arrived at PetSmart with their mom they were told Lauren was going with them and was their present from Santa!  According to Judy M there was many squeals and screeches of delight!!

Tinkerbell went home on Saturday. Her new mom thought long and hard about this adoption. Her cat had passed away right before Hurricane Sandy and she really missed having a cat.  She was thrilled to find Tinkerbell and it appears to be a wonderful match!

We have a pending application for Humphrey.  Unfortunately the application for Josephine was pulled.

We decided to bring Leigh and Abby back to the Shelter for a while and bring a total of four new cats down.  I know this makes some of you worry about the ones we brought back but please do not!!  They are fine!!  Sometimes changing things up is exactly what we need to spark adoptions.  We are going to allow George and Jerry to remain at PetSmart and plan to really market them.  Hopefully that will make a difference.  Please take an extra couple of minutes to socialize those two!!

So, here is the new guys...Ruby and Amethyst and single cats Cuddle Bug and Tyler.  Ruby and Amethyst are about two years old and were dumped under cover of night at the clinic that is next door at the Shelter.  One morning in early September when volunteers arrived they found the two cats left in the vestibule of the clinic.  Both were already spayed. We are assuming they are litter mates since they were dumped together.  They are both very sweet.  It appears they have always lived together so should go home together.  As always, adopt both and the adoption fee is waived for one.  Both would be $35.

Cuddle Bug is just as the name implies!!! Poor guy is growing up at the shelter!!  He came in as a stray kitten - about five weeks old - in early June.  He had a litter mate named Squirrel who was adopted.  Prior to the adoption they were caged together so we do know he gets along with other cats.

Last but not least is Tyler.  Tyler is another kitten that is basically growing up in a cage. He has been with us since late August and at that time we thought he was about three weeks old. It is about time he got out of a cage!!



Cuddle Bug


The January 2013 calendar has some openings.  Anne changed days after Toni left and now does Thursdays so Wednesdays now need coverage.  In addition is two other time slots.  Please let me know what you can cover.  (Would LOVE a regular Wednesday cleaner!!  Recruit a friend!!)
Friday, January 4, PM Cleaning
Wednesday, January 9, AM Cleaning
Wednesday, January 16, AM Cleaning
Friday, January 18, AM Cleaning
Wednesday, January 23, AM Cleaning
Wednesday, January 30, AM Cleaning

May we all be blessed with good health, good friends, good times and an abundance of new adopters in 2013!!