Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two New Arrivals

Two cats were brought to PetSmart today to replace the cages vacated by Ronnie and Charlie. Both are petite females that are really friendly.

Cassie is a beautiful shade of gray and is under a year old. In June she was found under a house in Wildwood crying for food. She was really thin and so hungry. She was wearing a collar so the person who found her knocked on all the doors in the surrounding area but no one knew where she belonged.

Saucers is a few years old and is awesome!! She is so friendly and can be quite vocal. She will reach out to you through the cage for love and attention!

Both Cassie and Saucers should settle in without a problem however give it a few days before you open the doors to their cages. Remember, they have been living solo for months and cats need to take their time when dealing with changes in their environment.

Here they are:

Bobbie Sue seems to be having a little trouble with her back legs and we fear it may be due to lack of movement and being cramped in the cage. She really has put on weight at PetSmart. She is back at the Shelter and at night we let her loose in the lobby so she can get those legs moving and get some exercise.

Calendar update: Thursday, September 2, has been filled. Please look at the previous post and let me know if you can cover any of the remaining days.

Keep your paws crossed that Hurricane Earl does not cause any damage along the east coast as it travels this way.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Old Friends Go Home!

Wow! The last entry I did was July 31! How did that happen?? I do have good news... Charlie and Ronnie were brought to the Shelter this week and were picked up by their new parents. Their foster parents are THRILLED to see them going home together.

The below litter mates arrived at the store Wednesday afternoon. Sky is a female brown tabby and Moon is her brother. They are really nice! Of course if they go to the same home the adoption fee for both is $70. It is not a MUST that they go together but it sure would be nice!

The fall adoption weekend at PetSmart is Friday - Sunday, September 10-12. I am hoping to have dogs at the store on Saturday and Sunday so let me know if you are available so we can make that happen.

There is still some openings on the September schedule. Here they are:

Thursday, AM, September 2

Thursday, AM, September 16

Friday, AM, September 17

Wednesday, PM or Adoption Table, September 22

Wednesday, PM or Adoption Table, September 29

Thursday, AM, September 30

Here's some more good news.... Remember Anya and Willow? They were adopted together two weeks ago! And remember poor Belle who left only to be brought back two days later? She was adopted along with her brother, Beau, and they are very happy in their new home!! Oh...and Fendi and Gucci?? Remember them?? They too were adopted together! I need to remember to let you all know when the guys you met and took care of get adopted from the Shelter. I can't believe I haven't shared all this sooner!!

Please let me know if you can cover any of the above dates. Thanks for your help!!