Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy tails, Elsa!! You deserve it!

Elsa is going home tomorrow - Saturday.  She has had such a rough time of it so we are very happy for her!  She will be the only pet in the house with four kids under age seven and Mom and Dad.  Think of all the love and attention she will now receive!  Yay!

Two lovely ladies arrived at the store today...Goldie and Luscious.

Goldie is a pretty cailco that will acclimate to any household.  She is under the age of two.  You may wonder why she has an ear tip.  Well, a very nice gentleman asked for help recovering her when she was being spayed.  He was moving but had been feeding cats in his area.  He told us he was going to continue going back and forth and feeding her and would then try to bring her to his new home.  Well, she is just entirely too nice and friendly for that!!  We asked to keep her and put her up for adoption and he readily agreed.

Luscious is a sweet blue cream torti who was abandoned when her family moved.  How tired are we all of this type of story?  Why are cats such throw away pets?  Luscious was actually adopted from us in July of 2012.  Her family moved from Wildwood to Florida in May and they simply put Luscious outside and left her behind.  We have been told they had a black cat as well.  Sadly we have not received that cat at the Shelter.  She was flea infested when she came so you will notice hair loss in her back end.  It will grow in and she will be beautiful!!

Sadly we must say good bye to Rikki while she takes care of some personal stuff.  Rikki has been a huge asset for quite a while doing every Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Yesterday was her last day but she may be back.  (Rikki, feel free to jump in at any time!!) So, I am looking for people to take permanent spots that cover Wednesdays and Thursdays.  If you know anyone interested in joining our group let me know - even if just for the summer.

Coverage is needed for the below dates for the remainder of the month of May:
Wednesday, May 25, AM Cleaning
Thursday, May 26, AM Cleaning

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Diva and the Kittens Go Home!

Good week!!  Godiva is going home with a young couple tomorrow and will be the only cat - of course!  The young man who is taking her home had a recent relationship breakup and misses the cat he lived with.  He fell in love with GoDIVA!  The volunteers working at PetSmart the night he met Godiva all agree this is a perfect fit! She will be happy having all the human attention!

Geneviere and Gabriela are going home together to join.  They are gaining a mom and dad, two human sisters - ages 13 and 8 - and a canine  brother.  We did caution the new family on the importance of a slow introduction between the kittens and the dog and the household in general.

Four cats were brought to the store today.

Annabelle is a blue cream calico just under a year old.  She came in as stray last month.  She may appear at first to be shy however she is friendly and she is fine with other cats.

Bessie is a calico that was trapped by a Good Samaritan who is helping with a TNR colony.  This pretty girl was living in a wooded area scrounging for food!  She needs to be an inside pet!! She is about five years old and was spayed at intake so someone obviously cared about her at one time.
Elton is a nice cat who has a story we have heard all too often.  His owner passed away and no family member is able to take him.  He is about eight years old so qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  He will sit on your lap however we were told he is NOT fond of belly rubs!! 
Elsa has had a rough time.  She was living in a house with other cats and they were not nice to her!!  So, a very kind woman who has a shed/outbuilding for difficult to adopt cats said she would take Elsa.  Well, every time she went into the shed Elsa was there asking for attention!!  Seeing that she was a friendly adoptable cat she asked if she could bring Elsa to us for adoption.  Here she is!!  She is about three years old.
As always...let the new guys settle in at their own pace.  They will let you know when they are ready to socialize!!

The May calendar is good!  Please look to June and see if you are available to do any of the available dates.

Welcome Angela and Julia!!  This mother/daughter team was trained Wednesday night and will be doing the evening cleanings on Fridays starting June 3.