Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome Lucy & Bonnie!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! As most of you already know - Dot did leave on schedule and was home for the holidays!

I decided to let the remaining six cats stretch their paws and legs for a few days and had planned to bring new cats to the store on Sunday, December 26. Well, a little bit of snow put a wrench in that plan!! The two new girls arrived today.

Lucy is a full bred Persian who was dumped at the Shelter along with another female Persian we named Ethel. Both of these poor cats are seniors and were found one morning at the front door left in a dirty carrier. So sad! Both were full of mats and suffered from an upper respiratory infection. Ethel found a room at Barb A's Convalescent Center For Aging Felines. Lucy was adopted from the Shelter only to be brought back twenty-four hours later as someone in the house "was allergic to her." Poor Lucy was returned in an old hamper taped shut with duct taped. She is so pretty and so nice and has been subjected to so much indignity. We estimate her to be approximately eleven years old. Please make sure that any applicant understands that Lucy requires routine grooming. She likes other cats and kids. We are not sure how she would do with dogs. Look at her pretty face!!

Bonnie is a nice little girl who came into the Shelter in August as a stray with her brother Clyde. Poor Bonnie has been left behind in prison while Clyde is on the outside living the life! He was adopted a few weeks ago. She is just over a year old and will adapt well in a house with cats, kids and dogs. Meet Bonnie:

Special thanks to the PetSmart managers for taking care of our cats during the storm and allowing the volunteers to stay at home rather than risk their lives in the snow.

The below dates are still open in January - the dreaded every other Thursday morning and every Friday but the first one of the month. New Year's Eve is covered!

Thursday, January 6, AM

Friday, January 14, AM

Thursday, January 20, AM

Friday, January 21, AM

Friday, January 28, AM

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Adoptions Continue to Soar!

Adoptions have been going so well - knock on wood!!! Sabrina left on Monday. She will be living with another of our old friends, Gray - now known as Liberty. She was adopted by the family of one of the PetSmart managers.

Gable left on Sunday. He was adopted by the same couple who adopted Ronnie and Charlie a few months ago. Hmmm...these adoptions may validate the old saying that cats are like potato chips...can't have just one!

I have approved an application for handsome Prince Albert and he will be home for Christmas!! He will be picked up by his new mom tonight. Albert shall be living in beautiful Cape May with another older cat and a ton of love!

I have also approved an application for Dot - however at this time I have yet to confirm the pick up time. I am hoping she, too, can go home tomorrow night. She will be living with two other cats and an old dog.

The two boys who arrived yesterday are fabulous! Meet George and Jerry. Just like the Seinfeld characters they are named after they are fast friends - and brothers, too. These two lovable, friendly guys were left behind when someone moved out of their apartment. They will do fine with other cats, dogs and children. Although it is not mandatory they go home together it would be ideal. Please introduce them as a tandem and make sure anyone interested in either one is made aware of their story. Jerry is the one with the white chin.

There is still a few openings in January. Below is the list. Let me know if you can cover any of the dates:

Thursday, January 6, AM

Monday, January 10, PM

Friday, January 14, AM

Thursday, January 20, AM

Friday, January 21, AM

Friday, January 28, AM

As many of you are already aware the Shelter did assist the State SPCA with the seizure of dogs from Goshen Road in Cape May Court House on Saturday. At this time we have thirteen dogs of various breeds and sizes. They are all so nice and so happy and grateful to be with us!! Unfortunately these dogs - along with the others placed throughout the State - will not be available for adoption until mandated court proceedings are completed. I will keep you all posted as this situation develops.

We had a great turnout at the Shelter for Santa Claws and the open house. We missed all those who were unable to make it this year. Next year will be even better! Special thanks to Simone for making the arrangements, Tony for being Santa Claws, Alan for being the great photographer, Kathleen for manning the printer! Also, thanks to the staff and volunteers for working so hard to have the shelter looking so good and for being such gracious hosts and hostesses!

Have a wonderful Christmas with your families!! Thanks again for everything you do for the Shelter and for the animals of Cape May County. The PetSmart program is vital to the Shelter and I am thankful to have such great support from all of you!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brandi Goes Home!

Brandi went home Monday night. She will be living with a retired couple who are absolutely thrilled to have her! Brandi's new mom said, "We are so excited! It's like we're bringing a new baby home!" Her husband was driving around with a cat carrier in the car just waiting to be told he could pick Brandi up from the store!

The latest addition will arrive this afternoon and I think she will fit right in! Dot is all black and is about five months old. She came into the Shelter very young as a stray in late September along with two litter mates. One of her siblings has been adopted and the other is in sick room with an eye infection. Once she is healthy she too will come to PetSmart. Dot is a happy little girl and gets along with kids and cats and would probably be fine with dogs. It should be no time before we can open the door and let her hang out with the others! Here is little Dot:

Sabrina has a hold and hopefully will be meeting her new mom tonight. The applicant saw her on and faxed an application to the Shelter. She has yet to actually meet Sabrina and will do that tonight. Hopefully the "interview" will go well and she will be going home!

A new volunteer is training tonight! Welcome, Marisol!! We always love getting more help!

Larissa's friend made beautiful quilted and crocheted blankets to send home with the cats when they get adopted. They are not to be used for the cages but are part of the adoption packet. They are in one of the cabinets so if you work the adoption table please make sure each new adopter gets one along with a kitty cat!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Welcome Prince Albert!

It seems that due to the holiday Rhett did not get a proper send off! He left the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Two teenage girls were VERY excited to adopt him. Here's his goodbye shot:

Fern left Friday night. Sabrina tried to go with her! When she could not get into the carrier she chose to sit on top of it. Fern's mom got a tad teary eyed, feeling bad leaving her behind. Then Fern's new dad proceeded to fall in love with Gabel! They just may be calling the Shelter tomorrow to adopt another one!

This will make you happy...Mayhem went home from the Shelter this week! Oh, and remember Zeus and Apollo from way back?? They were adopted together - finally - from the Shelter.

A wonderful tom cat arrived on Saturday named Albert. He is adorable! Albert is about two years old and will be good with cats, dogs and kids. He showed up in the yard of one of our volunteers, Larissa. She fostered Albert as the Shelter has so many cats and was trying to place him in a home for us. After a good prospect fell apart it was decided that he should go to PetSmart for prime exposure. OMG!! You guys are going to love him! He has a big old tom cat head and chubby cheeks and white whiskers!

Welcome to our newest volunteer, Olivia!! She was clutch when she jumped in last Thursday texting me at 10:30pm the night before to say she could cover! Thanks, Olivia!!!

Only one date left open on this month's calendar - Friday, December 17, in the morning. If you are available let me know.

Remember. Holiday Open House and Santa Claws next Sunday, December 12, 12-3pm. Please stop in and bring a friend! Santa pics will be 12-2pm.