Monday, June 29, 2015

Lots of Happy Cats!!

The best news of the last week is....drum roll...Midnight went home with our volunteer, Barb!!  Barb has taken several of the very senior cats home over the years and Midnight became the latest lucky kitty cat to go home with her. Great news!!

Coco went home Wednesday night and will be joining another cat and a little dog.  Powder went home yesterday and will be the only pet in the house.  This is the new mom's first experience with a cat as a pet but she fell in love with her when she saw her in PetSmart.  New mom has a daughter-in-law who has had cats forever so we know she will have support.  All it takes is one cat to turn people into feline fanciers!!

Three new guys arrived over the weekend.  I have heard that they are all doing well and have settled in.  All three are friendly and nice and will do well in a home with other cats, dogs or kids.

Glitter came into the Shelter as a stray earlier this month.  She is gorgeous and loves attention!  She is just about a year old now.
Gorgeous Glitter
Flower is a pretty,  solid gray female about nine years old.  She qualifies for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  She came in as a stray in mid-April and was already spayed. It appears she has had surgery other than the spay as well so someone somewhere loved her and took care of her.  Sadly no one has come looking for her.  She is a love!   She must miss her family!
Gia is just about a year old.  She was found at a TNR colony in Avalon and we suspect she was dumped there.  She loves attention and affection!
Special thanks to Cathy and Virgina for helping out through the month of June while Rikki was away!  Welcome back, Rikki!!

The calendar for July looks great!  One opening at this time...the morning cleaning on Monday, July 6.

Please make sure that if a cat is by itself in a cubicle (or two) that he or she also gets a cubby.  The cats love having a spot to snuggle up in or to sit on. 

Since the first Saturday of the month is July 4th the monthly PetSmart dog day has been postponed until July 11.
Happy July 4th!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

PetSmart Swip Swap

So, lots going on!  Shammy has an approved application and is now at the Shelter.  Her new mom is excited about getting her!  When they met on Wednesday afternoon Shammy's left eye was red and a bit irritated.  Her mom still wanted her and we told her we would have Shammy see the vet before making arrangements for her to go home. We brought her back to the Shelter and had her examined by our veterinarian.  By the time she saw the vet her eye already looked better.  We were told it is a chronic condition that may flare up under stress.  New mom was advised and happy to hear she was ok and will be picking her up from the Shelter on Sunday.

Blue was transferred to Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwald.  As I often say...sometimes a change in venue is the best thing for a cat or dog.  Blue is a wonderful cat and is in good hands.

Simba just was not happy and not doing well at PetSmart so we brought him back.

While cleaning this morning Brianne met people very interested in Coco.  We did speak to them by telephone and advised them to get an application to the Shelter and we would get processing!

So...who is now there?  Three new arrivals...Starburst, Sprinkles and Powder.

Powder is pretty five year old gray female.  She is a very affectionate girl who spent all of her time outside.  A neighbor complaint led to her being trapped and brought to the Shelter.  She was spayed at intake.
Skittles and Starburst are littermates and are about four years old.  They originally came in at about three months old in December of 2011.  In August of 2012 they were adopted. As we see more often then we would like,  they were returned late May of this year following the birth of a child.  One of the cats started to not use the litterbox AND the new baby is allergic.  The family stated that Skittles was marking in the house and that Starburst did not make mistakes.  What we observed is that Skittles can sometimes bully Starburst about the litterbox and Starburst makes mistakes!  Sometimes what happens with a new baby is that the cats are no longer cared for in the same manner.  They no longer get attention and perhaps the box is not kept as clean.  We would like to see these two stay together as they co-habitated without incident prior to the baby being born. 

I was told that we need more of the smaller litterboxes for cats that are in single cubbies.  They will be brought down.

Just a reminder...adoption fee on all cats for the month of June is $10.

Brown paper... Four rolls of paper are presently at the adoption center.  Cindy D will continue to cut paper and I will make contact with her and see when this can be accomplished.  I think she is out of town for a bit.  She is not on the schedule again for two weeks.  I know it is a hassle however it is not forever...I promise...but should you need some pieces there are rolls available to be cut.

Look ahead at July and let me know your availability. 

Thanks, all!!

Friday, June 05, 2015

The New Guys!

Three new guys arrived today...Simba, Coco and Shammy.

Simba is such a nice old cat!  He is very friendly and very vocal.  He is a talkative bag of bones!  You will all love him! He goes right to the front of the cage the second he sees a human!  He is 12+ years old.  Simba was living in Wildwood Crest and his owner could not longer keep him. From what we could gather he was an indoor/outdoor cat that would go to the door when he wanted to go out.  We'd like to see this old man live out his golden years safe and sound!
Coco is a nice, friendly,  four year old house cat that was living with another cat, a dog, and an infant.  Coco's owner became ill and could no longer keep her animals.  Her parents were able to keep one of the cats and  opted to surrender Coco.  Coco was always well cared for and we were provided with a history of vet visits.  She is a sweetheart! 
Shammy is beautiful! She is a long haired torbi that came in spayed and declawed. Her story is a sad one.  She was found in a pillow case in a dumpster in early May.  Fortunately a Comcast employee working in the area heard crying coming from the dumpster.  She had been put in the pillow case and the case was knotted and discarded in the dumpster.  We could tell she had spent a considerable amount of time that way.  The SPCA, local police and Animal Control were all notified.  Her picture was posted on our Facebook page in an effort to find out who had committed this act of cruelty.  Sadly it appears we will never know.  Now we need to get her placed in a wonderful home and make this all a distant memory for Shammy.
Welcome new volunteers...Bridgeen, Virgina, Cathy and Brianne!!  All four are trained and ready to go!  Cathy already started yesterday morning and things went great!  Thank you all for volunteering!  Keep an eye on your email and jump in whenever you can!

Just a reminder...June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month and all adoption fees for cats are lowered by 50% for the month!! Below is a flyer with all the details.
At this time the schedule for June is complete - yes, I am knocking on wood!!  Thanks to each and every one of you for all you do for the Shelter and for our feline friends at PetSmart!!

Monday, June 01, 2015

Lots of Changes!!

Blush and Muscato went home on Saturday! The applicants were so nice!  They will be the only pets in the their house...along with two young adults.  They are aware that the two have patella issues and plan to obtain pet insurance.  It is so nice to see them finally get out of a cage!

Rambo and Murphy were transferred to Animal OutReach in West Cape May.  For those who are not familiar with AO they have a nice little Shelter where the cats available for adoption have free run.  Since opening their place they have really helped us find homes for our cats.  They help us with kittens as well.

Ralph was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable being at Petsmart so we was brought back to the Shelter.  He is fine!  REMINDER: Blue should not have free run with the other cats.  He does not really care for feline company and made that quite clear last week.

So...who do we have now?  April and Midnight!  They arrived at the store yesterday.

Midnight is eleven years old and is a great guy!  This lap cat has such a sad story....  His owner died years ago and her daughter took Midnight.  In September the daughter was forced to give up Midnight when she had to move into assisted living and could not take him with her.  Of course he qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  He is a love bug!
April was living quite happily in a campground as part of a TNR colony and had been fixed by and was being fed by a kind person who lived there.  Well, another camper came down and apparently found her presence annoying.  When she was brought in we found her to be nice and sweet!  She is fine with other cats, too.  She is about four years old.
Three new volunteers trained on Saturday!!  Welcome Bridgeen, Cathy and Brianne!  We also have Virgina training Wednesday night with Larissa.  The plan at this point is this... Cathy will cover Thursdays through June for Rikki and Virgina will cover Wednesdays.  Rikki is back in July.  I do have two dates in June that still need to be covered and I am waiting to hear from Brianne who may be doing them - June 19 and 20 in the morning.  I'll send an email out if she is unable to commit.

If you missed us on "Shelter Me" on ABC Channel 6 in Philadelphia click on the link to the right and view it.  Our volunteer dogwalkers Joyce and Connie were a big help during taping!

Leona is back this week!!  Yay!!  We missed her terribly on the adoption table.  So happy to have her back and feeling good!