Monday, March 30, 2009

What's Been Going On???

It was brought to my attention that I have not done an update for two weeks! Wow! That's too long! Having the cats arrive while I was out of town really put me out of the loop. I did not download a picture of Jasmine and since she has been adopted she was removed from PetFinder. She went home on Saturday. Sorry for not having a picture! Let's hope she is settled in at her new place all comfy and in charge of the remote like the cool kitty to the right!

A hold was put on Mollie yesterday. The application is at the Shelter being processed.

I checked in with Carmen and Jax today. Both are doing well. It appears poor Carmen has a worm issue and is being treated. She will be back as soon as she can. Jax is coming along fine with his upper respiratory infection. He can come back when he gets a clean bill of health.

The District Manager was at PetSmart over the weekend and wants us to do a few things differently. Nothing can be taped to the walls in the adoption room to include pictures, posters and communications. Also, the adoption table is to remain outside of the adoption room at all times. Something will be brought to the store to place money and checks in and it can be secured in a cabinet under the cages. Examples of completed paperwork, phone numbers and current schedules will be placed in one binder and put in the adoption table for reference. Any posters advertising fundraisers can be placed in a binder which can sit on the table as well as updated photos of dogs at the Shelter. I will try to take care of all this over the weekend.

Below is a couple of openings in the April schedule. Please let me know what you can do.
Sunday, April 5, AM
Friday, April 10, AM
Monday, April 13, AM
Friday, April 24, PM
Monday, April 27, PM

On Saturday, April 25 the Shelter will be participating in the Cape May County Earth Day Fair which is held at the County Park from 10a-4p, rain or shine. (Don't be afraid of the rain - exhibitors will set up under a tent in the large field just past the entrance to the Park.) Volunteers are needed to man an exhibit at the fair for the Shelter. I am hoping to bring both cats and dogs this year. Please let me know if you are available for the day or for any portion of it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Bye, Tink!!

I am very happy to report that Tinker went home last Wednesday night. Corky has now joined Ebony in the big cage.

Two females were brought by Shelter staff to the store on Saturday. Xena, the young torbi warrior princess, had no problem settling right in. She was out playing by the afternoon and totally at ease by Sunday. Joanna, an older orange and white female, is the shy one of the two. On Sunday she was more relaxed yet reluctant to come out. She does welcome a good petting while remaining in the safe confines of her cage, though!

Squiggy got a hold on Sunday. Being the good volunteer she is Tracey followed the new directions and faxed the application immediately to the Shelter. Good job, Trace! I'll keep you posted as the application is processed.

I have a cancellation - Thursday, March 19, in the morning. As soon as it is filled I will update the calendar.

The April calendar is coming along. Below is the open dates - all are mornings:
Thursday, April 2
Saturday, April 4
Sunday, April 5
Friday, April 10
Saturday, April 11
Thursday, April 16
Thursday, April 30

Here's Joanna and Xena:

I bet Joanna and Jax would make a good pair in the big cage!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

James Goes Home

James went home last Wednesday night. Easy going guy left without any drama!

I am very happy to report that an application for Tinker was completed and taken directly to the Shelter today. It has been approved and she will be going home Wednesday night! I will see about new guys coming over the weekend.

As many of you already know Jax has a rather gross habit of...well...licking the pine pellets and consuming what is in the litter box. In an attempt to curb this he will only have access to one box with clay litter. Right now he has two cages - make sure the doors stay shut.

Please be careful when refilling the bottles of lemon quat. On Saturday the bottle was filled with only water. The liquid should have a very pale yellow tint that is quite obviously not water. If you do not know how to refill the bottle please ask the manager to show you how. The system in place mixes the proper part lemon quat/part water automatically.

There is new PetSmart applications that are now completed when a cat goes home. The form is self-explanatory. Again, if you have any questions please ask the manager.

Judi, one of the trainers at PetSmart, has received permission from the district manager to conduct a training program for Shelter staff and volunteers who handle Shelter dogs. This will be a comprehensive program that will consist of several weeks of training. All sessions will be conducted at the store. The plan is to hold one session during the week in the evening (either Tuesday or Thursday) and the same session the following Saturday. This should make it easier for volunteers to attend. It will be structured as a "train-the-trainer" course and those who attend may be asked to train new volunteers. Please keep this in mind should you participate. Once the program has been finalized I will let you know when it will be held.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Allie Cat Gets A Home!

Yes, it's true! Allie went home on Saturday! She will be living with Midnight. Now we need to choose the perfect roommate for Tinker. It seems the big cage is somewhat therapeutic as it allows the shy cats to be handled easier. It really did wonders for Allie.
Daisy got a hold on Saturday and was approved and went home on Sunday. Her new family is also a repeat offender! They adopted Blossom from us a long time ago. Daisy was picked up yesterday and arrived home safely before the storm started.
Three new cats arrived yesterday. Ebony is a black female who is a couple of years old. She is quiet with a shiny, soft coat. Minx is also a female and is black and white. She is also a couple of years old. Jax is an older orange male. He is the aloof type who you will not have to worry about being underfoot. Jax and Minx were both a little scared and were nervously sitting in their litter boxes when Leona left them on Sunday. Please take a little time with these two until you have seen they feel more comfortable. Ebony appeared to settle in a tad quicker and climbed atop her cubicle.
If you do the adoption table or if you happen to take an adoption application while cleaning....I am adding another step. Before you leave the store have the manager fax the application to the Shelter and verify that the the Shelter received it. This will get the adoption process started alot quicker. Sometimes it is several days before I can get to PetSmart to pick up the application. E-mail me that the application was taken, faxed and received by the Shelter and I will follow up from there. **If you take the application in the evening and drop it off at the Shelter the following morning that is fine, too. The goal is to get it to the Shelter by the very next morning.
A total of 89 cats were adopted from PetSmart in 2008. Not only is this nine more cats then 2007 BUT it is also 21% of the total adoption (dogs and cats) from the Shelter. That is a significant number!! It is your compassion and dedication that made this possible. I am very proud of the program at PetSmart and without each and every one of you it could not be successful. Thank you for all you help!! If they could talk all 89 would say, "Meow, thank, meow, every, meow, one, meow ^..^ !!!
Well, it never fails! The day I got the March calendar completed I got a cancellation...the evening on Friday, March 27. Please let me know if you can do it. Since it is only March 2 I will not reference the April calendar....but if you have a second.....
Here's the latest trio on the fast track to adoption....