Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Comes For Three Guys!

Terry, Eunice and Munchy sure didn't last long! Terry went home on Sunday. Both Munchy and Eunice went home yesterday. Eunice went home to an older woman who recently had lost her cat to a long illness. She was ready to give a loving home to another cat. Munchy was adopted by the same family who adopted Flutterbee in July of 2007. They also have other cats so it will be a full house for Munchy. Munchy's name is being changed to Lucky!

There is a very good hold on Tabs! Yippee!! The application is at the Shelter being processed and if all goes well she should be going home over the weekend. She will be joining a household with one other cat. As you know Tabs was adopted from us this summer only to be brought back to the Shelter as someone in the house had an allergy. Let's hope this is the REAL forever home for Tabs.

Two new cats arrived yesterday. Some of you may remember Shannon. She was with us for a few days in the beginning of November but went back to the Shelter due to an upper respiratory infection. She is fine now and has returned! I do not have a picture. She is orange and about two or three years old. She is very vocal and very nice! She is going to make someone a very good companion.

Mamma Mia is a real beauty! She is a Siamese mix with striking blue eyes. She was nervous when she arrived so move slowly with her and be patient. With her looks I am sure she will generate alot of interest.

Below are several dates in January that still need to be filled. I am particularly concerned about the dates that appear in red. I am going away from Saturday, January 3 through Sunday, January 11. I would like to have these dates covered before I leave so PLEASE let me know ASAP if you are available. If you have to cancel your shift for any reason while I am away contact the Shelter at 465-8923 between 9a-4p (seven days a week) and let them know coverage will be needed. Give them as much notice as you possibly can. Please do not e-mail me if something needs immediate attention - again, contact the Shelter during the times previously stated. I will update the calendar as soon as I hear from volunteers so please check the schedule before responding.

January 4 (Sun) AM
January 4 (Sun) Adoption Table or PM cleaning
January 5 (Mon) AM
January 10 (Sat) AM
January 16 (Fri) AM
January 18 (Sun) Adoption Table or PM cleaning
January 19 (Mon) PM
January 24 (Sat) AM
January 30 (Fri) AM

Mama Mia (how can I resist ya!)

Have a Safe and Happy New Year! Thank you for everything you did in the year 2008 to make life better for companion animals in Cape May County. I look forward to all of us making even a bigger difference in 2009!

Hey Mom...thanks for taking care of the cleaning on Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Willie, Lillith and Zannie Go Home!

Little Willie went home on Saturday! As stated in the previous post he will be joining our old friend Sashimi - now known as Triscuit. Lillith and big Zannie went home together on Saturday. They will be living with two teenage girls who were very happy to get them. The girls patiently held the cats and waited until they seemed content and then both very demurely allowed themselves to be placed in carriers. It's always nice when two get to go home together.

The cages are full again! Four new guys arrived Sunday afternoon. They are Eunice, Munchy, Terry and Carmen. Carmen and Terry are both friendly calicos and look alot alike! You may want to be careful letting them out of the cages at the same time. Terry immediately drew two applications. One completed the application and brought the required paperwork immediately to the Shelter. There is a very good chance she will be leaving on Wednesday.

Munchy is a black and tan male tabby that is about six years old. He was a tad shy upon arrival at PetSmart but should be just fine. Eunice is an older quiet female. She is gray and white. She, too, was a little nervous and shy upon arrival. Let's give these guys some time to settle in. I am sure they are going to appreciate the freedom we give them once they become acclimated to their new environment.

Jenny was doing some sneezing so went back to the Shelter for a check up. She received a clean bill of health and came back to PetSmart on Saturday.

Please take a look at the January schedule as there is still quite a few shifts that need to be covered.

Here's the new guys:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good bye Greg, Welcome Allie & Jenny!

Greg went home yesterday. The new girl, Jenny, looks alot like Greg so apparently there was a little confusion as the cats were out playing when Greg was being picked up. They figured out who was the boy and who was the girl and home he went!
Boy, is our little Willie getting a TON of attention! There is at least three holds on him right now. It looks like he is going to join one of the cats adopted from us last year. Remember Sashimi? Her name now is Triscuit and Willie will more than likely be her roommate. Sashimi was adopted last year on December 21. This will be a wonderful home for Willie! I am hoping he gets to go on Wednesday.
I brought two new cats on Saturday. Jenny, as mentioned above, is a gray female that is a couple of years old. She is very pretty and mellow and settled right in. She was having trouble eating the adult dry cat food so the Shelter put her on a softer dry kitten food. There is a bag on top of the bin for her. Allie is a female that is also a few years old. She has beautiful copper and tan stripes. She is a tad nervous and right now is finding comfort remaining in the cage. She should come around soon. For now just keep in mind she is still settling in.
We have been doing great communicating observed medical issues and getting the cats the meds they need. Good job! Please continue to note in the book whatever you feel needs to be passed on and e-mail me as well. During the day call the Shelter and note your actions in the book.
I trained a new volunteer on Saturday who will be doing every other Thursday morning. Welcome aboard, Celine! I am sure you will enjoy being a part of this worthwhile and successful operation!
I am still in need of a regular Friday morning volunteer so if any of you know someone who wants to get involved please have them contact me. It is actully three Fridays a month as the first one is always covered by Christina.
There is alot of openings in the January calendar. Please take a look and let me know what you can do. There is a slight change....Joanne will no longer be doing the first Sunday of the month beginning in January. Sunday is her only day off and it seems she would like to have one morning a month without an obligation. Humpf!! What nerve! She will be doing the first Monday evening of the month instead.
Here's Jenny & Allie:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Three More Adoptions

Samuel and Dandy both went home Wednesday night. Dandy's new mom had already been approved by the Shelter so she went to PetSmart, along with her son, and after meeting some of the cats she chose Dandy. Good for him. Samuel will be an only child and will get tons of attention!

Saffron was put on the fast track over the weekend. A couple came in and really loved her but were in the area visiting and heading home to Massachusetts. Leona immediately went into action! She contacted the Shelter to see if anything could be done to hasten Saffron's adoption. The application was completed, the paperwork provided and a vet reference obtained! The application was then approved and Saffron headed to her new home later Saturday afternoon. Good work!

There is an application pending on Polly. It is at the Shelter for review. Polly really seemed to take to the applicant so hopefully this will go through.

Two new guys arrived today. Willy is a sweetheart who came to the Shelter with an eye infection. The infection cleared up but the eye is permanently damaged. It does not cause him any discomfort nor require special attention. He was a little nervous when he arrived so be sure to give him a little time. I am sure he will be fine. Greg is a gray male who is really pretty and seemed to settle right in. His picture is below. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Willy.

Usually at this time we are planning the Christmas dinner/meeting. The Shelter and the Advisory Board are in a transitional period so I have decided to wait and try to have our meeting after the New Year. More information on that will follow.

There are still two openings in December. Both are Friday mornings - December 12 & 26. Let me me know if you are available

Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome, Samuel and the Girls!

Sawyer went home Wednesday night. This poor cat's ordeal began over a year ago and thankfully now has a happy ending! It sounds like he is going to a nice quiet home which he will share with an older female cat. Perfect!

Four new cats went to PetSmart today. Samuel is the only male of the group. He is a black and white male and is a few years old. He is very nice and really responds to attention. People seem to love these black and white guys so I bet he gets adopted quickly. Lillith is a sweet long-haired orange and white girl. Polly is a brown, black and white tabby. She is very friendly and a nice older girl. Saffron is a big calico! The drive to the store was traumatic for her but she seemed fine by the time I left. She also is friendly and was very vocal today. All four are nice cats. As they settle in we will decide what doors to open between cages.

I brought a new notebook today for information to pass on. Please make sure to read the notebook before you begin cleaning. Should you observe any sign of illness or injury please note it in the book as well as any action taken, ie. notified Shelter or sent me an e-mail. In the event you do notify the Shelter make sure to send me an e-mail as well.
The December calendar is full with the exception of the following dates:
Thursday, Dec 11, AM
Friday, Dec 12, AM
Sunday, Dec 14, Adoption Table or PM cleaning
Friday, Dec 26, AM

Meet the new guys: Saffron, Samuel, Lillith and Polly

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toots Goes Home - Mike & Ike Go Home Together!

It was a good week at PetSmart! While cleaning Thursday night Jen took an application on Toots that was approved Friday. Toots went home on Saturday. She warmed right up to her new mom and seemed so happy to be with her.

A couple came in on Saturday and put an application in for Mike and Ike. The application was approved today and when told they could come right in and pick them up, Mike & Ike's new dad wasted no time! When he arrived Mike calmly went into a carrier. Ike didn't want to come down from the ledge of the big cage so I had to climb in after him. I know they will be happy staying together. Right before they were picked up the two were asleep with their heads plastered together like Siamese twins! It is always so nice to send litter mates to the same home!

Dandy and Purrty are now in the big cage. Purrty was beating up on Sawyer who appeared to not like it at all. Sawyer has had enough stress in his life so I thought it best to separate them. There is an application pending for Sawyer and it looks like a good one. I am hoping he gets to go home Wednesday night.

Pita seems to be doing better. Just keep an eye on her when you let the guys out.

Someone is needed for the morning cleaning this Friday, November 21. Originally I was scheduled but I need to make arrangements to pick up cats from the Shelter in the late morning or early afternoon. I am unable to go to the store twice and the morning cleaning can not wait til that late. Let me know if you can cover.

Our notebook is full. I added enough pages to last until Friday when I will bring a new one.

The December schedule looks good. There still is a few shifts that need to be covered. Please look at the calendar and let me know if you are available.

Here is a couple of reminders:

1) Do not over fill the litter boxes. It is not necessary to put any more than an inch of the pine litter in the little boxes and two inches at the most in the big plastic tubs.

2) Wipe out the big litter boxes using the lemon quat and put them away with the rest of the tubs which are under the big cage. PLEASE do not put soiled tubs in arbitrary cabinets. God only knows how long they will sit in there before someone stumbles upon them. The number one turn off to people visiting shelters is smell. We need to keep everything clean.

3) Clean all food and water bowls removed from the cages.

4) Remember to initial in the appropriate place on the daily maintenance sheet the managers check.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Good luck, Trina! Good bye, Gin & Tonic!

Gin & Tonic and Trina left Wednesday night as scheduled. Trina is not going to know what to do with herself after living in a cage for eleven months. Her little legs are going to get quite the workout jumping and running! Lotus will be leaving today. She is so cute! I love the way she sits and lets her front legs hang straight down. Poor Dandy! I am sure he wonders where everyone is going.

So, I brought a truck load of cats to the store yesterday - six, to be exact. They are all very nice and you are going to love each and every one.

Mike and Ike are litter mates who came into the Shelter in July at about eight weeks old. They were very weak and sick. They were well taken care of and are healthy and strong now. I put them in the big cage with Lotus who welcomed them with open paws! Once she goes I am hoping that someone will see the two together and not want to separate them. Mike is the buff colored of the two and his picture is below. Ike is orange and I do not have a picture. They are really cute. Don't be alarmed if one or the other gives you a hiss when you meet. They are just a tad scared but are sweet. After a few days that should stop. To remember which is which just think of "Buff Mike" and it makes it easy!

Sawyer is one of what the Shelter referred to as "the Woodbine cats." They came into the Shelter over a year ago as a result of a cruelty/neglect case. Needless to say he has had a tough life. He is not very big and is sweet and really cute. He is not a "lap cat" however he does enjoy sitting next to you and being petted and brushed. He needs our attention! He has alot of white on him and the Shelter uses newspaper to line cages and the newsprint actually comes off on the cats' fur. He is a handsome guy and will look even better as that print wears off.

Shannon (also no picture) is an orange female about two or three years old. She is very vocal and very nice! As soon as you get to her cage she is up and talking to you! She was found by a compassionate soul living outside skinny and dirty. She was taken to a vet who made sure she was healthy. She was then vaccinated and spayed. Unfortunately this person could not keep her but did not want to merely leave her on the street. She was brought to the Shelter and she is going to make someone a great companion!

Zannie (also no picture) is huge fat cat! She is mostly white and gray and is six years old. She was brought to the Shelter by her owner who was moving and couldn't take her. I am so sad for the poors guys who find themselves living in a cage after being in a home for years. What must they think? How scared they must be! This poor girl needs to get back into a home. I gave her two cages and a big litter box. She will not do well in a home with small children.

Number six is a sweet little brown and gray tabby named Toots who has the big polydactal paws! I left them in the picture so you can see. She is probably the most shy of the group but by the time I left I could see she was getting better. I love those big paws!

As usual I left all the new arrivals in cages alone with the doors closed. Zannie will always have to have access to a big litter box. I think everyone will settle in with each other without a problem and we can open doors and give them room to move and socialize. I put Dandy in with Purrty and Tabs as I know all three get along with other cats.

I spoke with Aurora's neighbor yesterday who told me she is happily running around her new home and doing well with the resident cats there. Also, I was told that Crescent settled in fine after one day of hiding.

I have filled some of the days in November mentioned in the previous update and also had a cancellation. This is what still needs to be filled: Friday, November 7 (PM) and Friday, November 28 (AM). Let me know!!

Here's Toots, Sawyer and Mike......

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

200 Adoptions To Date!!!

Adoptions have been going so well!! Pollyanna went home on Saturday and will be very happy. One of our volunteers knows her new family and thinks it's a great match. Aurora went home on Sunday. She will be going to a home that has three cats so she will have plenty of company.

On Saturday I took a hold on Gin & Tonic TOGETHER and it was approved on Monday. They will be leaving tonight. There are no other animals in their new home. It seems this is a perfect situation for these two cuties. Their new mom just moved in with her son. She had been living with her daughter who had cats and she missed their company. Being a good son he allowed mom to adopt Gin and Tonic and move them in, too! Gotta like that guy!

Trina will be going home tonight also. She will be living with a young military guy in an apartment in Cape May. A girl could do worse, huh! He came in and fell for her through the glass. When he saw she had been in the Shelter since November of last year he knew he had to take her home. He told me he had a calico growing up and understands they can be...well...calicos. There will not be any other animals living with her so this seems to be a good fit. He seems like a nice guy!

And last, but not least...Lotus got a hold on Sunday and the application has been approved. She will be going home this Saturday.

I am making arrangements to bring four or five cats to PetSmart Friday afternoon. I will do an update over the weekend so you can be properly introduced. I recently realized I never did this for Gin and Tonic. My bad! In the future I will try to stay on top of things. With adoptions moving along so quickly I guess things got ahead of me!!

Here are the remaining openings in November. Please let me know what you can do:
Friday, November 14 (AM)
Saturday, November 15 (AM)
Friday, November 28 (AM)
Saturday, November 29 (AM)

Gin and Tonic are number 200 and number 201 to be adopted out of the nine cages at PetSmart! Picture all 201 in the same place at the same time and you will see what a difference you compassion and commitment has made to the feline population at the Shelter and in Cape May County. Thank you for every thing you do!!

Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Toastie and Cheryl Go Home - Felix Is On Deck!

Little Toastie went home last weekend and Cheryl went home Wednesday night. All the paperwork for Cheryl had been completed at the Shelter on Monday. Felix is being picked up tomorrow - Saturday. All his paperwork was done at the Shelter also. I am making arrangements to bring two more cats to the store over the weekend.

Remember Tabs? She is a brown and black female who was with us a little while ago. The person who adopted her told Shelter staff that she is allergic to the poor girl and brought her back. Today I brought her back to PetSmart. She is such a nice cat. She broke my heart at the Shelter - as I reached into the cage to pick her up and transfer her into a carrier she squeezed her eyes shut so hard as if thinking if she couldn't see me then what was happening would stop. She is a scaredy cat but very passive. She is just a little shy. She did walk right out of the carrier and into the cage and let me pet her while she looked around. Let's hope her next home is indeed forever.

I also brought a young calico named Trina. Poor Trina has been in the Shelter since November 2007. She is pleasant and sweet and VERY interested in everything going on around her. She gets right to the front of the cage as soon as you walk up and immediately wants out. If someone starts to pay attention to her through the glass she immediately responds. I think it is about time she got to go home. Her bio says she does not play well with others so ease her into any group activities and see how she does.

Please, please, mark your calendars, tie strings to your fingers, set alarms on your cell phones, tell your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog/cat, whatever it takes - just please try not to forget to go to PetSmart when you sign up! Enough said! Also, remember to initial the sheet of paper on the clipboard indicating the cleaning was done. The managers really need this completed!

Okay, let's talk November...the following mornings are still open:
11/1 Saturday, 11/14 Friday, 11/15 Saturday, 11/21 Friday, 11/28 Friday
The following evenings/afternoons are still open:
11/8 Saturday (Adoption Table), 11/29 Saturday (Adoption Table)

If you know anyone who would like to become a volunteer at PetSmart have them contact me. We really miss Judy M who did alot of Saturday adoption tables as well as other days and Karla who was our regular Friday morning girl. We do need volunteers interested in the adoption table on weekends. Last Saturday was one I simply could not fill. I would like to find someone who will regularly do Friday mornings, also.

Welcome back, Tabs and meet Trina...

Friday, October 03, 2008

Forever Homes For Anna, Mardi Gras & Crescent

It was a good week! Mardi Gras went home on Tuesday night. She is going to live with the family who also adopted Finn and the dog, Buster. Anna went home Wednesday night - yeah for Anna! Alien-looking Crescent went home today. He is such a good cat and will be a great companion. He was adopted by a woman who lives by herself and I suspect he is going to get alot of attention! Toastie got a hold today and the application is at the shelter for processing. The app looks good so I am hoping he gets to leave Wednesday night.

By now most of you have seen the pictures of Penn and JellyBean together at home. They look like siblings! Great update on Peggy and Henshaw...they are very very happy and a kitten has joined them! Apparently Henshaw really is enjoying his new playmate! Life is good for the three of them. Remember Mollie from way back? It has been a year since she was with us. She was black and white and very shy - one of our hard cases. Over the weekend I spoke with the couple who adopted her and she is doing very well also.

There is two shifts in October that need to be covered. One is Saturday, October 11, Adoption Table (or PM cleaning) and Monday, October 27, the morning cleaning. Please let me know if you can do either.

Just a reminder...when you leave please make sure the lights are on in the cage room. We want people to be able to see the cats!

Two new cats arrived today. They are both girls. Pita is gray and white and Cheryl is black. Cheryl is a little bigger so she was given a double cage. Both are sweet cats and won't be a lick of trouble. As soon as they seem acclimated to their new surroundings we can open their doors and let them play with the others! Here they are:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good Luck, Penn! Say Hi to Jelly Bean for us!!

Penn went home on Wednesday and probably is romping around with JellyBean while I type this! What a great home for him!

On Saturday one of Toasty's eyes looked a little runny. It looked fine today but let me know if that changes. His sister, Toffee, who went back to the Shelter, has a hold!

There are holds pending on Anna and Crescent. Both applications are at the Shelter and being processed. The application for Anna looks very promising. The Shelter has already spoken with the applicant's landlord and he will supply them with the necessary paperwork. The application for Crescent was dropped off at the Shelter just this afternoon. I will keep you posted on its progress. Hopefully things will work out as these two cats have been with us for a while.

Two siblings arrived on Saturday - Dandy, a cute little black and white guy and his sister Aurora, a pretty little calico. These two are youngsters! Dandy settled in just fine but Aurora is a little shy - or maybe just uninterested! While all the cats were out playing today she slept inside her little cubicle. Meanwhile Dandy jumped right in! Make sure you don't mix up Lotus and Dandy. Dandy has alot more white on him.

I know we are low on litter pans. I picked up a case at the Shelter today. I can't get them to PetSmart until Wednesday morning but we should be fine until then.

There are still a few openings in October. Please consult your calendars and let me know if you can do any. The dates and times are: Saturday, October 11 - Adoption Table, Sunday October 12 - Adoption Table, Monday October 13 - AM cleaning, Saturday October 18 - AM cleaning. If you are available to do a PM cleaning rather that the adoption table let me know as I may need you.

Meet brother & sister, Dandy and Aurora:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Bye Crisco, Hanna and Ivy!

After THREE holds our little boy Crisco finally went home! After finding out that they were approved to adopt a cat but that Crisco had already found a home, the third hold saw Ivy on PetFinder and decided to adopt him. He was picked up on Saturday. (Remember...keep taking those second and third and fourth holds as this is often the outcome.) Hanna also went home on Saturday. She wasn't crazy about going into a carrier. Let's hope she was so happy to get out of that carrier that she settled right in at her new place.

On Saturday Leona spoke to Donald and Freddie's new mom who told her both cats are very happy and doing great! She said Donald came out of his shell and follows her around the house. Leona also spoke with BlueBell's mom and she, too, is doing great! News like this is what keeps us going, huh?!

Thanks to Barb, Joan, Leona, Anne and Tracey for your help over the weekend with PetSmart's Fall Adoption Event. Thanks also to Crystal and Ian from the Shelter who brought dogs, Diesel and Charlie, to the store. Three cats also came for the event. Two are siblings that are about six months old - Toasty, a male brown and black tabby - and his sister Toffee, also a brown and black tabby, and a pretty little three year old calioco named Mardi Gras. (I have decided to call her Marty.) All three are sweet and friendly and were well behaved. Since three cats went home this week we had room to add these guys to our group. Unfortunately little Toffee had a weepy eye and a bit of a cough so she went back to the Shelter. Toasty and Mardi Gras stayed. I am hoping that once Toffee is cleared she can come back and join Toasty who I am sure must miss her. As always, keep the adjoining cage doors closed and the cats in their own cages until we see how they acclimate to the new surroundings.

I took a GREAT hold on our big friend Penn. You should have seen it! The woman interested in him was sitting on the bench in the adoption room. I let Penn jump out of his cage and he walked up to her. After petting him a few times he sort of tapped on her leg with one paw as if asking permission and then climbed into her lap and settled right in! Who could resist that! What is even better is the fact that she had adopted JellyBean back in April and was looking for a friend for him. She initially was interested in Purrty but decided the best thing to do was give an old guy a chance. Again, this is the kind of stuff that keeps us going! Her completed application is already at the Shelter. I anticipate a speedy approval and Penn sleeping in a house Wednesday night!

Crescent came back today. He had been returned to the Shelter to have a sore spot on his neck evaluated by a vet. It looks like the spot where the microchip was implanted had showed a little bit of irritation.
Oh, another success store...remember Pertelot?? She was an older big girl and was all black. She is doing really well! She is happy, active and, word has it, even lost weight!

I am making arrangements to remove all the little cubicles as well as the apparatus in the big cage and have them power washed. That surface is SO difficult to keep clean! The cats will do without for just one night but I am sure they will appreciate the cleaning.

September schedule is complete. Look to October and let me know what you can do. Thanks for all you help!! Adoptions have been going so well! Yippeee!!

Here's Mardi Gras and Toasty:

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Penn Returns!

Big Penn is back! He is a really nice old guy. He looks like a little cow. We have had a run on black and white males and hopefully that will continue for Penn.

Great week...five cats went home!! Carmen was picked up today. Donald and Freddie went home Wednesday night. It is so nice when two guys go home together. Having each other must make dealing with the change much easier. Golda and Matthew went home Saturday afternoon. The woman who picked up Golda is related to the people who adopted Bluebell. She told Leona that the two cats would be vacationing together! She also said that Bluebell hid for a day in her new home but after that now owns the place!

There is three holds pending on little Crisco. Please handle additional holds just like you would the initial one. Take the deposit money and have an application completed and forwarded to the Shelter. Sometimes the first hold does not get approved or the applicant has a change of heart. Should that happen the Shelter can immediately start on the second hold. Also, the second hold can get approval and the applicant decide to adopt another cat.

On Friday the PetSmart district manager was conducting an evaluation of the store. He advised me that we can not sign the daily checklist with one set of initials and then draw a line down through the next blocks. He asked that I pass on to everyone that all blocks must be initialed separately. I know it seems like a bit of a hassle but it will only take a few extra seconds and our compliance or noncompliance will effect personnel evaluations of the managers at the store.

Please, please do not turn the cubicles in such a way that the cats can curl up inside them and hide. I know that by nature they like to hide but showcasing them is the only way we can get them into forever homes. The customers need to be able to see them. Also, I suggest we not put so many toys into the cages and clutter them up. The cats seem to like the little mice and small soft balls the best. A cat nip pillow and a toy or two is enough. Again, we want the customers to look into a nice neat, clean cage and have to have the cat that's in it! Also, Concetta keeps extra rolls of brown paper in the office. When you see the supply getting really low just ask the manager for another roll.

On Friday along with Penn came a youngster named Felix. Felix is a black male about six months old. He was very happy today as he was joined by his brother Ivy (let's call him Ivan) and his sister Lotus. Ivan is orange and white and Lotus is black and white. The three are happy to be reunited and are together in the big cage. I am sure Crisco would LOVE to romp with them! Here they are:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

BlueBell Goes Home - Finally!!

Great news - Bluebell went home last night! How nice is that?!! Freddie and Donald are scheduled to go home Saturday. Yes, they will be going home together. They are such nice big guys and will have a great time together frolicking in a house. For now they are sharing the big cage with Purrty. When the two boys leave Penn will be returning from the Shelter.

Golda seems to have really relaxed. Today she actually walked around the floor with several others and did not growl at all. I sat on the bench and she immediately climbed into my lap and purred away. She's a nice little cat!

PetSmart is having an adoption event the weekend of September 12-14. I am working with the Shelter manager to have more cats brought down for the weekend like we did in the spring. PetSmart would like to have the adoption table open additional hours during the event. Right now it is covered both Saturday and Sunday from 2-4PM. I would like to see us there from noon until 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. The adoption table is not open normally on Fridays so if you can do a few hours on that Friday afternoon it would be great. Let me know if there is anything you can do.

Dog adoptions have been going really well at the Shelter. If there are any dogs available for adoption arrangements will be made for them to make an appearance on Saturday and Sunday. Right now I believe almost every adoptable dog at the Shelter has a hold with an application pending. Cat adoptions have been going well at the Shelter as well.

The calendar looks good for September. Thanks for covering Judy M so quickly. Please look ahead to October.

I brought three new cats to PetSmart today. Matthew is a young black and white male. He is really cute and very sweet. He has a little black goatee! He is probably the shyest of the new guys. Crescent is white, gray and black. He has a crescent shaped mark in white on his back - hence the name. He is very friendly and jumped right out of his cage and walked around and introduced himself to the others. Hannah is a calico and she is very friendly also. She did not jump out of the cage but she did stand to the front of the cage front and watch what was going on. Here they are....

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Jake Goes Home - Little Crisco Takes His Place

Jake went home Wednesday night. Rascal was scheduled to leave but his pick up was rescheduled for Saturday afternoon. I was kinda happy as I got to see him again tonight!

I brought two new guys to PetSmart today. I don't have a picture of Crisco and you are in for a real treat when you meet him! He is young, three months or so, and is buff and white in color. He is a tiny energetic little guy! He had already been adopted from the Shelter and was brought back for litter box issues. The Shelter was told he was urinating outside of his box. I did notice today that he did just fine with the pine litter. Let me know if he appears to have any issues. I suspect he will be adopted quickly.

The other cat is Purrty. She is a little over a year old and is very sweet and loves to be held. She is black with a white spot on her chest. She is a sweetheart.

So, at this point we have a full house - ten cats. They are Freddie, Donald, Bluebell, Anna, Carmen, Rascal, Golda, Pollyanna and now Purrty and Crisco. It is a nice group! Some of the girls aren't so crazy about other cats but after a hiss or growl everyone is fine.
Henshaw and Peggy are doing well! Henshaw hid for a day but is now showing himself. He and Peggy are close as ever and there is evidence that during the night they have little parties! Joann has woken up to cat toys scattered about!

The schedule for August and September is full. Thanks for filling up Fridays so quickly.
Here's Purrty... You're gonna have to go to PetSmart to see Crisco!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Peggy and Henshaw Home Forever AND Together!!

Best news ever - one of our very own volunteers adopted Peggy and Henshaw! Thank you, Joann, for having such a big heart! The two best friends left Sunday morning. I will definitely keep you updated on how they do. I know everyone was worried about these two and will be so happy to hear this news!

Two new cats were brought to PetSmart on Sunday. Remember Golda? She is a pretty little torti that was adopted from us a while back. She was brought back to the Shelter as she was not exactly bonding with a young girl in the house. The family subsequently adopted another cat from the Shelter. Golda is two years old and is sweet but a tad shy. She settled right in. Also brought on Sunday was Pollyanna. Pollyanna is a brown tabby who is a petite little thing who is quite friendly and nice. She also is two years old but looks younger than that. She, too, settled right in.

Penn was brought back to the Shelter because he was sneezing specks of blood. At this point we are leaving his cage open and ready for his return. Hopefully he will quickly get a clean bill of health and be back.

Rascal got a hold on Sunday and his application was approved today. He is being picked up on Wednesday night. What a great cat! One of our volunteers knows his new family and assures he is going to a great home where they just LOVE kitty cats. I am so happy for Rascal!

Cute little Jake has a hold but at this point the applicant has not contacted the Shelter with the mandatory paperwork. I will have to keep you posted on this one. He is absolutely adorable so if this one does not work out I am sure someone else will fall in love with him.

Friday mornings need to be filled indefinitely starting this week, August 15. Please let me know ASAP if you are available to do any.

Remember our girl Glory?? She left the Shelter on Sunday for her forever home! How awesome is that?!!

The Animal Alliance of Cape May County is a non-profit animal welfare organization that operates a low cost spay/neuter clinic next door to the Shelter. (To the right under links is their website.) The Alliance is building an educational courtyard between the clinic and the Shelter. They are having a pre-grand opening event for the courtyard on Saturday, September 20, 1:00-3:00pm. There will be animals from the shelter there along with tables for refreshments, educational materials, and children's activities. The Alliance is in need of volunteers for this event to include someone to push around a stroller with cats from the Shelter in it. If you can help please e-mail Barb Allison at for more information.

Here is Golda and teeny Pollyanna

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Cats Came Today!

I brought three new cats to PetSmart today - Carmen, Penn and Jake. All three settled right in and will do fine. Carmen is a sweet little black two year old female. Jake is adorable! He is a buff colored youngster about five months old. Penn is a black and white older male - about seven. Penn was stressed out during the ride to PetSmart but was fine once he arrived. All three are on the lower level of cages. As always, for now keep their doors closed and gradually introduce them to the other cats.

Not to be a party pooper but....please refrain from putting the big stuffed toys in the cages. The cages are becoming too crowded and the cats have limited room to begin with. These toys are big and are taking up precious room. The cages need to look neat and clean. I think the blankets, cat nip pillows and a few small toys are plenty. Also, as I have said in the past, odor needs to be kept at a minimum. The toys will start to absorb the odors and also start to look hairy and soiled.

Peggy and Henshaw have both been put into the Open Your Heart And Home program. Their adoption fee is now $10. On Saturday they will be returning to the Shelter. I would love for them to stay with us, however it is time to showcase some others. I have been assured they will be well taken care of and will be placed in cages next to each other.

Today was the first time I met Rascal. He is the best!! He walks right out of the cage and into your arms!

Donald, Bluebell and Freddy are all together in the big cage and seem to be doing fine. Donald is pretty shy so try to give him a little one-on-one time to help him become more friendly. Filled to the top, the big food and water bowls are plenty for the three of them. They are big bowls so you don't need to add any more.

Adoptions have been doing well lately. Let's hope it keeps up! Below is Penn, Carmen and Jake.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Luck to Wilma & Linsey!

Linsey went home on Sunday and Wilma went home last night. Wilma is going to a home where she will be the only kitty. No longer will the tilted headed monster show her dislike for other cats! It sure seems to be typical of calicos! Why is that??

Poor Freddie and Bluebell! I can not believe they are still with us. Both are such nice cats. Then there is shy Henshaw and his girl Peggy. I wish someone would come along and take those two together.

I was scheduled to do the evening cleaning this Monday, August 4. Something has come up and I can't make it. Let me know if you are available. In addition coverage is still needed for Sunday, August 31 for the evening cleaning/adoption table. The September schedule looks great and is just about full. Two Saturday mornings need coverage - September 6 & 20 - and one evening - Monday, September 22.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So What's Going On.....

Wow! It was recently brought to my attention that the last blog entry was July 1! That's three weeks! I am happy to say that I have lots to report. As you already know Francesca went home last week. Well, Tabs and Puddin both went home on Saturday. These three cats were the featured new guys in the July 1 entry.
Sally got a hold put on her at the Shelter yesterday and the app was approved today! Hooray for our gal Sal! She is going home tomorrow night. She is being adopted by a gentleman with a young daughter so it sounds like life will be good for Sally.
There is a hold on Linsey and the application is being processed. The last I heard there was a discrepancy with the vet reference. I will keep you posted on this one.
I brought three new cats to PetSmart this afternoon. They are Wilma, Donald and Anna. Wilma is a big calico who is very vocal! She is very nice and adores attention. Donald is a gray and white young male. He is sweet and a little scared. He is a personal surrender and his owner could no longer keep him. Anna is all gray and is very pretty. She is a little timid right now but I think she will be just fine. The Shelter sent a box along with her that apparently she finds comfort sitting in. I set that on the bench as it is too big for the cage. She seemed content to be in the cubby within the cage. All three settled in and I think will adjust quickly. For now I did not open their cage doors as I want them to slowly acclimate to this new situation. Keep an eye on them when letting cats out as we don't know how they will react to the others. If it appears things look good we can open the doors between cages and give them space.
I think we should refrain from putting blankets in with litter boxes whenever possible. I made one cage the "bathroom" on the top row and put two large litter boxes in it. I removed everything else. Also, in the big cage the extra large bowls are enough food and water for two cats. There is no need for four bowls in that cage. I put a blanket in that little cubby spot as the cats like to get in there. Remember, we want the cages to look as clean and as uncluttered as possible.
We had more "no shows" in the last two weeks that we have had in almost the entire time we have had this program at PetSmart - must be something in the air!! PLEASE keep an eye on the schedule and mark your calendars!
The rest of July is fine and all of August is covered with the exception of the adoption table on Sunday, August 31.
Here is Wilma, Donald and Anna:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good Bye Big Bertie!

I am happy to report that Big Bertie went home on Wednesday night. I am sure he is going to make a very loveable companion!

Three shy new girls arrived on Saturday. There is Puddin - a little black female who was very scared when she first got to the store; Francesca - a black and gray tiger; and Tabs - a tan and gray tiger. These timid girls can all be petted and handled but are going to require some patience. Hopefully they will settle in and calm down once they meet all of you!

Yes, the July schedule is complete - but you never know when I may ask for help! Keep your fingers crossed that all cancellations have been reported and covered. The following coverage is needed in August: Saturday, August 9 (AM), Saturday, August 23 (AM), Monday, August 25 (PM) and Sunday, August 31 (Adoption Table). Let me know if you are available. Look to the calendar - I will update it as I hear from people.

Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!!

Meet our shy girls - Tabs, Francesca, Puddin

Monday, June 23, 2008

Teeny Reeny & Mittens Go Home!

This weekend was a tad busy - finally some activity! Little teeny tiny Reeny and big old Mittens went home on Saturday. The hold was put on Mittens at the Shelter Thursday so he was able to go home on Saturday. In addition Leona took a hold on Mr. Bertie. The application is at the Shelter being processed. He is such a big nice boy - lets hope this is his forever home.

Seems we have some room at the inn. I will make arrangements for some new kitties to join us.

I had a cancellation for Monday, July 14 in the morning. Let me know if you are available to take that cleaning.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Freddy's Back!

Snowdrift went home last Wednesday night. Apparently he really wanted to stay as the volunteers had quite a time getting him into a carrier. He ran up the cages and all around the room in an attempt to stay with us. Thankfully Snowdrift's owner understood the stress that change puts on a cat and did not seem phased. Good luck, Snowdrift! Hopefully you are already all settled in.

Yes, big old Freddy is back! Yeah! He came back on Sunday and according to Tracey is even more lovable than before! He happily settled right in. With him came a shy girl named Linsey. Her first day she just sat on her blanket and took in the new surroundings. Hopefully she settles in quickly.

Mittens is apparently having litter box issues. We are trying to determine if it is the pine litter and he will do better with clay. Apparently he is making quite a mess. Let me know if the change in litter helps. Make sure he has a big pan.

Reeny has a hold right now and the application is being processed.

Hopefully with the end of this heat wave and the end of school graduations we will see an increase in activity!

I had a recent cancellation for Monday, June 23 in the morning. If you can cover that morning please let me know. I am happy to say that the July schedule is complete!

Here's our new girl:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Bye Corey & Moe!

Finally Corey and Moe go home and they get to stay together for ever! That is so nice! Judging by their size they are going to become big old guys that get to grow old together!

For reasons unknown Donner has begun to display what appears to be aggressive tendencies toward the other cats as well as the need to dominate. He is not playing well at all and now has begun to spray all over the cages, the room and the storage bins. The Shelter is making arrangements to pick him up some time today (Tuesday). He did not do this in the Shelter. Maybe it is because at PetSmart the cats interact so much with others and he just does not handle that situation well. Once back at the Shelter the staff can see if the behavior changes.

Three new cats arrived on Sunday. Mittens is a male and is declawed. He is a long haired tabby and is beautiful. He has adjusted just fine. Reeny is a tiny little girl that is mostly black. She is a little shy but you can sit with her and she loves to be petted. Freddy is a big old boy who is black and white and a big love. His picture below says it all.

Please make sure you e-mail me if you observe any situation (cat, human, logistical, etc) that I need to address as well as making a note in the volunteer log. Since I am not at PetSmart every day you can not rely on the book as a means of communicating with me. Also note in the book that you will contact me so others know a situation is being brought to my attention.
Karla is still not feeling well so I need coverage for her this Friday, May 30, in the morning. Please let me know if you can do it. Hopefully she will feel better soon!
Here's the new guys.....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is The Dry Spell Finally Over?

Yippee!! The lastest hold on Corey and Moe has been approved! The applicant is a PetSmart employee. I am so happy the boys get to go home together! Can't you just picture them bounding through the house wrestling and having a great time?!! The last few weeks have been so quiet. This is the season of graduations, proms and weddings which can tend to keep people very busy. Let's hope this is the end of our dry spell.

Barb A adopted little old Ella. Ella met Cassie Monday night and it appears that after a few days they have settled in together. They are not cuddling up yet but they are sleeping on the same bed. I bet these two live another twenty years together under Barb's watchful eye!

A few reminders: 1) Please do not put away any soiled litter pans or food dishes without cleaning them first. I know that the sink/drain in the back store room has had some issues. If this is not accessible you can spray the litter pan down with the quats liquid and wipe it with paper towels. You can also use the sink in the employee lounge or in the bathroom to rinse out the food and water dishes. 2) Please fill food bowls only half way. 3) Make sure that the cubicles are not set up in a way that the cats can hide from customers. Turn them so people can see the guys.

There is two open mornings in June and both are Saturdays - 14th and 28th. Please let me know if you can do one.

I realized I was remiss and never gave Bertie and Peggy a proper introduction on the blog!! Bertie spent time with us during the adoptathon earlier this month. He is chatty old guy. Poor Henshaw is back, as you guys already know. The man who adopted him brought him back to the Shelter because Henshaw hid up inside his couch and would not come out. He did adopt another cat, a young calico named Triscuit, when he brought Henshaw back. Henshaw, Peggy and Bertie all crowd into one cage and seem to really like each other. The right home will eventually come along for Henshaw.

Here's Peggy and Bertie:

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Visit For the Dogs & Smitty Goes Home!

It was a good weekend! The dogs were well behaved on both days of the adoptathon. So were the volunteers! Here is pictures of some of the volunteers and our visiting mutts. On the top right is Reecie Cup, a pit bull terrier mix, who spent both days with us and was so good! In the picture with her is volunteers Barb and Judy.
In addition, Sandy, a terrier mix and older girl, came in on Saturday. Her family no longer wanted to care for her and now she is in the Shelter. She is with volunteer Joan in the top left picture. One of the PetSmart employees completed an application to adopt her. Hopefully it will be a forever home for Sandy. Little Jenna, pictured below, joined us on Sunday. She is a German Shepherd Mix. All the dogs sure seemed to enjoy being out of the Shelter for a few hours!
We also had four visiting cats each day that slept over in the big stainless steel cages on wheels. (Thank you, Joanne, for cleaning up after 13 cats on Sunday morning!) One of the visiting cats, a little girl named Tinkerbell, got adopted. Arrangements were made to pick her up from the Shelter.
Smitty went home on Saturday! Yippee! His new dad was very anxious to pick him up!
We also received applications for two of the new cats that were brought down to stay. Both applications were approved and the cats are going home Wednesday night. One is a sweet little calico named Golda who is going to be spoiled by a very happy teen age girl. The other is a black and white male cat named Harley who is several years old. Poor Harley’s owner could no longer care for him and he had led a pampered life. He will be happy to be free to lounge about in a house once again!
We have added two new cats to our bunch…Ella and Donner. Ella is an all black older cat – at least eight years old. She is very sweet and gentle and loves to be brushed. She appears to be very shy but is very appreciative when you start to pay attention to her. Donner is a black and white male with medium length hair. He is very friendly and also loves attention.
Good news…on Monday night a hold was put on the boys, Corey and Moe! Hopefully it will be approved and they can go home together.
Special thanks to those who helped out this weekend…Barb, Judy, Joan, Larissa and Joann!

Here is Ella and Donner....