Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's a good Christmas for our cats at PetSmart!!  Kira has been adopted and left from the Shelter today.  She is going to gain two canine siblings - Basset Hounds!!  She will be the only cat in the house.  Lawrence is finally going home and is being picked up Wednesday night. He will be joining six other cats in a wonderful cat friendly home!! (Feast or famine!! He had another application that has been approved.  That applicant will be coming to the Shelter to meet other cats.)

Many of you have not met King yet so say hi and goodbye!!  He is a young orange male and is a love!  We knew he would not last long!  This little face below says it all!  King is a Christmas present for the family.  Dad is surprising mom and their two children, ages 4 and 8!  He will be the only pet. How fun is that?!!  He is being picked up Christmas Eve.

Ginger was brought down along with King.  She is three years old and is so sweet.  She and her kittens were dumped at a TNR location in Avalon.  She is a domestic cat that someone simply discarded.  Jerk!!  She is very friendly and will do fine in a home with other cats, dogs and children.
Bart is going to PetSmart tomorrow (Wednesday).  He is about six years and is a nice friendly young man!!  He was left behind with another cat when his owner vacated a rental property.  The other cat ran from animal control and has yet to be found.  Bart did live with a dog, too.  The jerk who abandoned Bart took the dog with him.Bart is a perfect companion cat!!

Our friend Leona is doing well, however she will not be able to volunteer for quite a while.  Judy Mc - not to be confused with Judy M - came to the Shelter today and learned the paperwork that is completed during the adoption application process and the paperwork completed when a cat goes home.  She and Larissa are going to help us get through while we wait for Leona to come back.

The December schedule is complete!  Paws crossed that no one cancels!!  Please look ahead to January.  There are  openings every other Sunday morning, every other Thursday night, every other Friday night, and a couple of random Friday mornings. Please let me know if you can cover any of the open dates.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Let's play catch up!!  We did have a good application on Hobbit however the family pulled the application.  They did go to the Cumberland County SPCA and adopt though.  Three cats even!!  I have received another application for Hobbit however it is not complete and we have not heard from the applicant since December 9.

Bailey left on Saturday.  He will be joining a nice family!  There is mom and dad, and two older teenagers, two cats and a lab mix.  Definitely an animal friendly household!!  They have adopted from us in the past also.

I am introducing Carolyn even though most of you have met her already AND she has an approved application.  She is a fabulous cat just over a year old.  One day she appeared in someone's yard and was quite hungry.  She had already been spayed so someone owned her and took care of her at one time.  She will be joining a young man and his two year old child. She will be happy and loved there - hopefully for good this time!
Big Tink was brought down to PetSmart on Friday. She was originally adopted from us as a kitten in 2009.  She was brought back to us November of 2013 and has been with us ever since.  She has been in a cage for over 750 days.  In her home she lived with a little girl as the only pet and was quite happy.  She was not exposed to other cats or dogs in that home.  At the Shelter she was NOT fond of other cats.    Do not force her to interact with the other cats and let her take her time acclimating to PetSmart.

I am having some issues with the Yahoo calendar on line and will let you know as soon as it is updated for 2016.  If you need to change your regular volunteer time slot please let me know as I will be doing the entire year and updating as I receive cancellations.

As you are aware Leona will be needing to take some time to heal.  Her regular volunteer time slots are every other Thursday evening cleaning and every weekend on the Adoption Table.  She and Judy M let me know toward the end of the month what days they are available for the upcoming month and split up the Saturdays and Sunday.  Virginia is covering this Thursday evening, December 17 and Larissa is covering the Adoption Table on Sunday, December 27.  Coverage is needed for the Adoption Table on Saturday, December 19.  Leona does 1-3pm during winter months however I can change that to 2-4pm if you prefer.  In addition coverage is needed for Thursday, December 31, in the evening.

If you are interested in learning the logistics of the adoption table and are available to help weekends in January and February please let me know.  We can set up training at the Shelter or at PetSmart.

Coverage is still needed for every other Sunday starting December 27.  Joelle begins the alternating weeks on December 20.