Friday, July 26, 2013

Chewey Is Back and You Got Kittens!!

Chewey is fine so he came back today.  Along with him came three kittens - Michael, Austin and Drake.  These three are approximately four months old and are fabulous!  There was a fourth however he was adopted. They will do fine in a home with other cats, dogs and kids.  It is not necessary for them to be adopted together.  However, if someone adopts two the adoption fee is waived for the second one.

Here's what we did...  Dudley was moved into one of the tiers and has two cages.  The three kittens were put in the big cage.  We are hoping their antics get them adopted quickly!!  Right now we have a lot of kittens at the Shelter and we need to start placing them. These three are the youngest we have that have been spayed and neutered.  They came into the Shelter in very early June.  As a precaution...please do not allow these guys to socialize with Victoria for at least one week.   AND be extra careful to sanitize between handling them and her.  The youngsters are more prone to the upper respirator issues and the conjunctivitis in the eyes.   


All the recent cancellations have been covered.  Special thanks to all who offered to cover and to those who are now on the schedule!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Smokey Goes Home and Other Updates!

Smokey went home last Wednesday night.  He will be living with a nice little, dad and two children ages four and eight.  Dad called the Shelter after day one and reported they already LOVE Smokey and he did great his first night!  He also said they just may be in the market for a feline sibling for him!

Little Viola had a weepy eye so we brought her back to the Shelter.  She is doing great and the eye is clearing up.  Hopefully you will see her come right back.

Chewy was brought back to the Shelter for an eye issue as well.  However, we suspect his issue was due to a swat from Dudley!  The eye looks great and he is fine. He is coming right back.  For now we want Dudley to be by himself in the big cage and not allow him to bully the others. If he is let out to play make sure he is monitored or he is by himself.
We are considering bringing larger cats we have one at time and putting them in the big cage.  Right now we have a few and they would not fit in the smaller cages and definitely would not fit through the holes. We have a large male (23 pounds) named Oreo who is a love bug and would probably be adopted very quickly from the store.  You will be told when that could start.

Little Victoria arrived on Friday.  She is a riot!!   She is four months old and would make a fabulous addition to any household.  She likes other cats and would do fine in a home with dogs and kids.  She came from the same house as Viola where they lived with 19 other cats.  Three mommy cats - Viola being one - and eighteen kittens came from the same house.

The schedule looks great for the remainder of July and even for August - knocking on wood!!! Right now the only openings are below:
July 31, Wednesday, AM Cleaning
August 7, Wednesday, AM Cleaning

Friday, July 12, 2013

Adoptions Continue!! Three Newbies Arrive!

Thankfully adoptions continue to go well!  Alex, Fefe and Sassy all went home this past week.  Sassy now lives in an adult only home with three other cats.  Alex also went to an adult only home and will be joining another cat.  Fefe went home with a little family - mom, dad and a four year.  Fefe's new parents came into the Shelter and chose a feline companion for her named Mallory.  Great week!

Three new guys arrived Wednesday afternoon. They are all below...

Whiskers is a sweet older calico that was living outside in a neighborhood and was reportedly "bothering the dogs" that lived there.  She was trapped by animal control and brought in.  She may be about seven years old.  She was already spayed so someone should be missing her but sadly no one ever came to claim her.  She can have a bit of an attitude toward other cats, however, surprisingly she seems to like the group at PetSmart. Perhaps she is just snobby!!  Keep an eye on her, though, as other cats can make her cranky!
Viola is a sweety!!  She is little, however she is about a year and a half old.  She came in when her owner could no longer take care of her.  She had been living in a house with sixteen kittens and two other we know she gets along with other cats.  She is friendly and should be fine in a home with dogs and children, too.
Poor Smokey was surrendered to the Shelter because "he cries too much." We are not quite sure what that means!  He is a couple of years old - two maybe.    He does get along with children and seems to be okay with other cats as well. He is friendly and tolerant so would probably be fine in a home with dogs too.
As you already know Lucy was brought back to the Shelter for some medical issues.  She is doing just fine!!

Just a reminder...Tuesday, July 16 is the Shelter's 9th birthday.  From 1:00 to 3:00pm we are having an open house/party at the Shelter to celebrate nine years of saving lives and serving the pet population of Cape May County!  Of course there will be the traditional birthday cake as well as other light refreshments.  Please stop by if you can!