Tuesday, April 25, 2017

GREAT News For Baby Boy and Otis!

Baby Boy and Otis were adopted together and will be the only two pets in the house.  How great that they get to stay together! They will be living with a young couple and a nine year old child. They were abandoned by their owner over six months ago and now get a second chance.  A true HAPPY TAIL!!

Pretty little Tulip was adopted this week, too.  She will be the only pet in her new home.  She will be getting all the attention from mom and dad, a twelve year old and a five year old.  That's a lot of attention!!  Good for her!  She went from being one of waaaaay too many cats to the one and only!

Below are the three cats that are arriving tomorrow - Wednesday.  They are all boys!

Jackal was part of a TNR colony that was not being well managed. A mommy cat just kept having litters. (We did finally trap her and no more litters any more!).  Fortunately we were able to get Jackal into the Shelter at a young age and start getting him ready to live in a house.  He went from outside to a cage so actually has never had a real home. He is about 10 months old and has been in the Shelter since the first week of October of last year.  Jackal will need a home where the adopter understands his past and knows he will need extra time to acclimate.  He likes other cats.  Dogs will probably scare him.  Kids will scare him, too.  He did have daily interaction with a nice couple of adults who fed him and his cohorts.
Kahn was picked up as a stray last September.  He looked terrible and the man who found him thought he needed to be euthanized.  He had a wound on his neck and his eyes were a mess.  Poor guy was really in some pain.  The wound healed and in March he underwent surgery to repair his entropian.  This is a condition where the eyelid folds inward causing the lashes to rub against the eyelid.  His eyes may look bad but he is fine.  However - heed this warning - he does NOT like other cats.  Make sure he is kept by himself in a cage.  He dislikes dogs very much, too.  All that being said - he LOVES the company of humans!!  You guys will love him, too!  He is about 8 or 9 years old.
Raindrop is a lovely big old fat cat that last weighed in at 16 pounds!  He was surrendered to the Shelter in early April along with another cat named Tiger Lily that is staying at the Shelter.  Tiger Lily is nervous and afraid and will do better at the Shelter.  Raindrop was surrendered when his family moved and decided they did not wants cats in the new house.  He lived with three kids - ages 5, 8 and 10 - and a little dog.  The family had him for four years and found him as a stray.  He is one of those cats that will basically be an instant pet.  He can live with other cats, dogs and kids. 
Deb and Warren are back so no more need to get Sunday mornings filled!  Yay!!  Coverage is still needed for the Adoption Table for this Sunday, April 30.

Below are the dates that need coverage in May:
Wednesday Mornings (May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31)
Wednesday Adoption Table OR Evening Cleaning (May 17)
Sunday Adoption Tables (May 7, 14, 21, 28)
Monday Evenings (May 8 and 22)
 Still one more week of waived adoption fees.  Our "Spring Me" promotion ends on April 30.