Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Welcome New Volunteers and New Cat!

New volunteers!!  Yay!! Jim and Eileen Jones have joined us at PetSmart.  They will be taking the morning cleaning on Wednesdays as well as helping out with the Adoption Table.  Come the end of October they will head back to Arizona where they winter and we shall miss them!  We are so thankful for the help!!  Welcome, Eileen and Jim!

Happy was the last adoption from the store and left on May 24.  She left in a pink rolling carrier - like a princess!  She will be sharing a home with a male cat and female human.  

There has been some moving around of the guys at the store.  Star was brought back to the Shelter when she bit a volunteer and required quarantine due to Health Department protocols.  She has been released and is available for adoption at the Shelter. We discovered that London has a bad tooth that was bothering him so he was brought back to the Shelter.  Kahn seemed to be suffering from stress at the store so we brought him back to the Shelter where he has always seemed happy.

So, that left Benny in the big cage, Jackal and Tye Dye.  Both applications on Jackal fell through and the applicant for Benny simply never returned any of our calls.  None of the adoptions were meant to be!

On Friday, AJ and Becca joined the three others.  AJ was surrendered to the Shelter by someone who had many, many cats and needed to lessen the numbers.  AJ was a bit of a bully with the other cats and causing some problems!  He can get a little hissy so please do not allow him to run free with the other cats.  He tends to bully the males, not the females. He is about six years old
Becca is a senior girl and qualifies as a Senior For Senior Adoption.  She is about twelve years old.  Sadly her owner had to surrender her along with two other cats and two dogs.  Even though she lived with other animals we feel should would do best as an only pet or in a home where she has her own space.
The June calendar looks great!!  Below are a few dates that still need to be covered.  Let me know if you are available:

Sunday, June 18, Adoption Table
Monday, June 19, PM Cleaning
Friday, June 23, PM Cleaning
Sunday, June 25, Adoption Table
Friday, June 30, PM Cleaning