Monday, May 15, 2017

Feisty Ally Goes Home!

Well, feisty little Ally left on Wednesday with her new mom and her human sister.  Apparently she did not go without a bit of a fight!  Mom had seen her through the glass and unbeknownst to us they had not met her yet.  Luckily they were undeterred by Ally's literal hissy fit.  Paws crossed she begins to behave herself!

Jack appears to have started an upper respiratory infection so was returned to the Shelter today.  We do have a couple of applications for him so hopefully he goes home soon. 

Benny the Bum moved into the big cage.  He came into the Shelter in late April of this year.  He was being fed outside for quite some time by a Good Samaritan but he kept insisting he was not an outside cat and kept trying to get in the house!  This nice tom convinced the feeder that it was time he became a house cat.  He is about four years old.  As you can see he is quite handsome!  Benny will acclimate to a house with other cats, kids and even dogs.
Benny the Bum
Below are the dates that still need coverage this month:
Wednesday, May 17, AM Cleaning
Wednesday, May 17, Adoption Table or PM Cleaning
Sunday, May 21, Adoption Table
Wednesday, May 24, AM Cleaning
Sunday, May 28, Adoption Table
Wednesday, May 31, AM Cleaning